You asked for it and Tsubasacon has heard you! The Ribbon Swap Game has officially come to Tsubasacon this year! We’re really excited to be taking part in this fun new tradition and hope that you’ll join us!

For those of you who aren’t in the know; conventions, vendors, artists, and attendees are encouraged to have their own special ribbons made for an event (or for certain topics, advertising, etc) and then the game begins! Ribbon swap hunters head out through the convention to find as many of these little ribbons; tracking down all of the designs!

Tsubasacon is excited to start the game off when you arrive as you select which “team” you are on – Good or Evil! Then it’s up to you to hunt down the rest of the ribbons throughout the convention during the weekend. OR you can even contribute and bring ribbons of your own to hand out!

This game is super fun, but we’d also like to remind you a few rules before you arrive on Friday, Oct. 11!

Rules and Etiquette

  • No one may ask for money for ribbons. You are allowed to ask for a trade or challenge to earn a ribbon (i.e. cosplay from a certain fandom, go on a scavenger hunt for a photo, answer a trivia question, etc.)
  • If someone declines your request for a ribbon, accept their decision. Polite ways to decline ribbon requests can include such as “I’m sorry, but these were made for a specific group.” or “You haven’t fulfilled my requirements.”
  • Ribbons are purchased by individuals and can sometimes cost a lot, so if a group is sharing ribbons in a secretive manner, please do not be pushy if they decline to give you one. They most likely have a small stock and are for friends.
  • Please properly dispose of the paper strips that come off the ribbons. Don’t leave a mess for the convention center otherwise, we won’t be allowed to do it again!
  • If your goal is a long ribbon chain, plan to have tape with you to secure it – once they get past your knees they might fall off if you don’t!
  • If you bring ribbons to trade, please note that we will not allow any offensive or profane ribbons. Handing out ribbons with inappropriate slurs or language could earn you a ban from the convention. (Keep it PG!)
  • Advertise your ribbon swaps on our Facebook Tsubasacon Official page, and share your ribbon chains during the weekend on social media!
  • Ribbons can be purchased at many online stores but may take a few weeks to order depending on quantity. Tsubasacon badges this year will be our standard 3 1/2 inches.

Suggested Ribbon Sites :