Starting April 2nd, 2020 through July 1, 2020 we’re kicking off Tsubasacon’s Mascot Fan-Art Contest! We want to see your artwork and cosplay photos! Entries MUST have one of the four mascots (or a cosplay of one of the four) in order to be accepted:

Mitsuki (angel)
Kitsuba (flying fox)

Myoujou (devil)
Akutsuba (purple dragon)

Artwork can include anything from hand-drawn, painted, digital works, or a photo of a cosplay, sculpture, or 3D creation. It cannot be a photo of someone else’s cosplay, it must be you, in a costume of your own design, based on one of our four characters.

Tsubasacon 2020 Artwork Contest

  • This will be the name showed online / social media.
  • Optional if you want to promote your social media.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, jpeg, pdf.
    Photos and Artwork, max 4, limited to 25MB.