Our 2020 Theme!

In 2019, a secret battle took place at Tsubasacon!  The forces of good, Mitsuki and her faithful fox companion Kitsuba battled the forces of evil, Myoujou and her dragon Akutsuba!

The battle took place every time our attendees selected a good or evil badge & ribbon upon arriving!  Every time someone selected an “Evil” badge Myoujou’s powers grew and her dragon companion became that much stronger!

At the end of the weekend, Myoujou overpowered Mitsuki and Kitsuba, capturing them in order to take over Tsubasacon 2020!! 

As VILLAINS take over Tsubasacon for 2020, we have a challenge for our attendees!  Save Mitsuki and help her and Kitsuba take over their rightful place as Tsubasacon’s mascots!

We have a lot of awesome challenges and surprises in store for our theme this year, so keep an eye out on our website, Facebook and other social media!