Tsubasacon Staff Policy

The Tsubasacon Staff Policy is a collection of guidelines set forth by Tsubasacon concerning the acquisition, selection, and assignment of Tsubasacon staff with convention duties and responsibilities.

A convention is made successful by those who put forth the effort to keep it running and open for the people to enjoy.

Confidentiality & Public Disclosure:


All information received by staff is considered private and is not to be disseminated to the public unless otherwise instructed to by your department head or the publishing staffer. This includes guest announcements, event announcements, and details of Tsubasacon convention planning process.

When questions arise on social media forums, please divert all inquiries to the official website, official facebook page, or Michael Thompson. Refrain from answering as “the voice of Tsubasacon”, as information is not always correct or is necessary to be discussed with other staff.

Personal information of attendees, guests, vendors, or staff should not be shared with third parties at any time. When staff are asked about guests, openings, etc, staff is to refer all questions to the Guest Relations Department Head. The staff are not to speak on behalf of the DH whether the convention is taking any more guests or not. Unless given direct permission from Guest Relations DH or the Convention Chairman, staff will not contact potential guests for Tsubasacon and will dissuade attendees from doing the same.

Conflict and Disagreement

Conflicts with other staff members should not be expressed publicly, including over public online communication.

If you have issues with another staff member or concerns regarding the convention, please talk to your Department Head, and/or HR/Chairmen.

The Tsubasacon Staff’s Creed:

As a member of Tsubasacon Staff, I promise responsibility for the following:

– Make myself available from the Thursday night preceding the convention weekend, to the Sunday concluding it. I will also check the Staff Facebook Page at least once a month and maintain contact (email/other) with my Department Head.

– Any arrangements regarding childcare/housing/travel and food costs are my personal responsibility (Tsubasacon asks that parents find care for their children that will not impede their work during the convention weekend.)

– Follow the guidelines/edicts of my department as they are dictated in my Department Description, which has been written by my DH, formatted by HR, edited and published by the Con Chairman.

– I will report in a presentable and timely fashion to a location dictated to me by my Department Head, or Coordinators and perform said duties assigned to me. Should an issue arise, I will report directly to my Department Head.

– Be a team-player. At times other departments will be in need, and which time I promise that I can assist when able. This includes assisting with marketing during the off-season.

– Make the convention as enjoyable as I can for the public. By following a standard code of conduct, refraining from lewd actions and behavior that would not be considered professional, because I understand that by being a member of Staff – I am representing Tsubasacon as a whole. (I understand that use of alcohol/illegal substances are explicitly prohibited.)

– I understand that as a Staffer, it is not fair for me to compete in Tsubasacon events. I am permitted to take part as exhibition; provided the event does not conflict with the schedule my Department Head has set for me and does not take away from time that could be given to attendees.

– During the convention weekend, I will take responsibility for my own well-being (5-2-1 Rule. 5 hours sleep minimum, 2 meals minimum, 1 shower minimum daily) as well as take regular breaks within reason as to not leave my Department unmanned, or put undue stress on others.

– Wear my staff T-shirt/polo unless exempted by my DH, as well as ensure that my staff badge is visible at all times during the convention.

-In regards to the staff contact form; all misplaced emails should be forwarded to the proper department WHILE ALSO ccing the attendee so that they know who to contact in the future.

– I understand that while any ideas are welcome, I will present them to the appropriate Staff member (Department Coordinator) for discussion.

Location Accountability:

In special cases there are times when a member of Staff is reassigned to another department or relieved of the duties they have been assigned to. This is a function performed by HR, approved through the Con Chairman. It is a Staff member’s responsibility to report to HR when they have concerns with their assignment, would like to transfer, or would like to suggest a friend who could also contribute to Tsubasacon.

If a Staff member cannot be found at their particular assigned location or task or behaves in a way contrary to the Staff Policy Agreement and their Department Description, with no extenuating circumstances causing their absence, Staff and Department Coordinators are to report this to HR. Repeat offenses may be subject to release of responsibilities from Tsubasacon’s Staff Program and benefits, as well as future Staffing opportunities.

Disciplinary Action:

If a staff member cannot abide by the above requirements and responsibilities, the following actions may be taken:

First offense: Warning from Department Head.

Second offense: Warning from HR, Convention Chairman, Vice Chairman, or Department Head.

Third offense: Reassignment to another staff position or responsibility.

Fourth offense: Removal from staff with loss of all staff benefits.

Depending on the severity of the offense, Human Resources, Convention Chairman, Vice Chairman, or Department Head may choose to enact a more severe penalty for each offense, including legal prosecution, if applicable.

Associate Staff

Each person who is brought onto Staff goes through a probationary period called “Associate Staff” where they will undergo a Peer Review by the Department Coordinator they were assigned to, as well as HR, and the Con/Vice Con Chairmen.


If you have a need for any additional information or have a question regarding our Staffing Policy, please contact the HR Coordinator (Kelley Campbell) at hr@tsubasacon.org